Sorry to make you feel super old, but Grand Theft Auto V has been out for over seven years. It’s a hard pill to swallow, I know. Come to think of it, we’re way overdue for Grand Theft Auto VI. Nonetheless, it seems that there are still some details from the most recent GTA instalment that we may have missed — Most recently brought to our attention: The fact that Tyler, The Creator is more than a rapper. He also plays the voice of a random pedestrian in what is quite possibly one of the most popular video games of all time.

Obviously, this is a very easy and not necessarily significant ingredient to overlook in the grand scheme of things. We were likely far more distracted by Franklin, Michael, and Trevor’s story mode antics. Hell, even Chop the rottweiler had a bigger role than Tyler did. But it does seem like an Easter egg that should have surfaced way before the seven-year mark. 

Tyler, The Creator found this recent realization to be amusing, retweeting one fan’s reaction along with a recording of the evidence. Naturally, this started a domino-effect and it wasn’t long before everyone was clueing in. In the clip, Tyler’s character — a man wearing a white tank top, holding a 40 of beer in his hand — can be heard saying: “Damn straight. Aye, you like potato salad? ‘Cause I like potato salad, n*gga.”

“Aye, I’m sick of these n*ggas thinking families ain’t real, n*gga,” he continues, adding: “Oh, you want me to beat yo a**, huh?”