Kobe Bryant was tragically taken from the world way too soon back in January. The basketball legend was killed in a helicopter accident alongside his daughter and seven others. It is a tragedy that remains impossible to comprehend, despite all of the time that has passed since January. Over the past five months, there have been various tributes to Kobe, especially from his wife Vanessa, who has been handling all of this with a ton of emotional strength.

Every so often, Vanessa takes to Instagram where she offers a touching message addressed to both Kobe and Gianna. Today, on Father‘s Day, Vanessa took to Instagram again where she spoke on just how much her and her daughters are missing their father on this day.

Her post is a stark reminder of the kind of man that was lost on that fateful day. Kobe sparked joy in millions around the world, but more importantly, he made his family proud.

Vanessa has been attempting to pay tribute to Kobe in various other ways as well. For instance, she recently spoke to congress, asking for them to pass new legislation that would make helicopters a lot safer. It’s believed that this legislation has the potential to save countless lives.