Wack 100 has never been one to shy away from a conflict, often taking to social media to voice his displeasure. And while he generally reserves his vitriolic rants for Instagram, yesterday night found Wack raining fire and fury upon L.A. rapper K-Deuce in a Clubhouse chat room. As reported by HipHopDX, Wack joined a room moderated by K-Deuce, only to find himself muted and unable to communicate. Upon finally being granted the chance to speak, Wack unleashed his temper. 

 Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

“Don’t play me like I’m some bitch, n*gga,” he warns, clearly agitated by the lack of speaking time. “You seen me! I raised my hand times and you cut the muthafucka off. You the only moderator, n*gga! And I’m telling you when I beat you, you’re going to bed n*gga! That will teach you to respect real n*ggas. Be ready. Matter of fact, where you are though dawg?” K Deuce attempts to calm Wack down, insisting that he meant no ill will and simply didn’t see Wack’s attempt to communicate. Unfortunately for him, Game’s manager was having none of it. 

“I’m out here now!” threatens Wack. Fuck all that you hoe ass n-gga. Where you at since you said anyway? I’m out here now Blood, I’ll pull up on you n*gga. It’s no problem. I’m with the full-fledged bullshit wherever I go.  Fuck the respect you bitch ass n*gga! Nah, fuck that. Where you at since you talkin’ gang? Bring Blood to the table! I swear to god, I will beat the fuck out of you, n*gga. Don’t play with me like that no more, n*gga. I’m gonna leave it like that. You got a problem with me, say that n*gga.”

K Deuce maintains that he simply didn’t see Wack, but that didn’t stop Wack from threatening an inevitable beatdown in response. “Either we can meet and we can go head-up or we can wait until we run into each other,” he threatens. “However you want it, n*gga. I’m with all that. Weird ass n*gga. N*gga know what he did and had the nerve to come to the room. He knows what he did. Bitch ass n*gga, now he wanna act like he ain’t got no problems.”

Check out Wack’s enraged response to K Deuce’s perceived Clubhouse snub below. Based on how effectively he handled a pair of racists in a parking lot, perhaps K Deuce should do his best to squash this one before their paths actually cross.