Young Buck Reveals Why 50 Cent Kicked Him Out Of G-Unit

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DJ Vlad has said that he believes his latest interview with Young Buck is one of his best yet, and it’s very clear why he’s so proud of this one, in particular. The rapper opens up to a whole other level about all of the drama that has followed him through his G-Unit days to today, and he’s dissecting why things happened the way they did, explaining in the latest clip why he was eventually booted out of G-Unit.

Young Buck, who was recently announced to be working on a collaborative project with DJ Paul, divulged that after he had spoken out about never receiving a royalty check in his entire career, clarifying that his money was earned solely from shows, 50 Cent was fed up, pulled a fit, and kicked him out of the collective.

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“We were six months into the situation of getting back together and out of nowhere, this interview comes out and it was one of those interviews where, prior to us getting back together, I had spoken on me not receiving any publishing, never seeing a royalty check in my career,” said Young Buck. “Everything I done done has been off shows. Well, that was the big and bold headline and it came across 50’s desk. He immediately took this at a place of– to this day, I know why now but, at the time, he reacted to that so f*cked up that Sha Money was like, ‘Yo, we gotta fix this, bro, 50’s tripping out over this.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, Sha, how can I fix it? It’s the truth, I ain’t never seen a royalty check.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah I know but we gotta fix it.'”

That was when Sha Money went forward and claimed publicly that Young Buck had made over $10 million in his career, which is an amount that bewildered Buck at first but ended up making sense to him later, as he now knows that’s around the number he should have netted.

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“He was just saying these numbers that I thought were astronomical. Man, I ain’t seen no $10 million,” added Buck. He says that Fif really grabbed onto that $10 million claim and, to this day, he’ll use it against Buck, trying to make it appear as though Buck has blown that money over his career. “I never received or made $10 million within my career with G-Unit,” says Buck. “Those were numbers that were basically accumulated from Sha Money trying to protect the situation from [50] having an actual fit based on me speaking about me not seeing money like that or ever receiving a royalty check. From there, 50 didn’t feel like the effort was good enough, so probably a couple of days after Sha was trying to help clear the situation up, 50 goes again on Hot 97, one of the biggest radio platforms in the world, and immediately says, ‘Buck’s kicked out of G-Unit.'”

Something tells me 50 Cent is going to have something to say about this story, so let’s keep an eye on his social media accounts today because this feels like the sort of thing he’d definitely want to address.

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todayDecember 31, 2020