When it comes to the studio work ethic, few rappers can hold it down like Young Thug — legend has it that the man has amassed thousands of unreleased songs, a vast number of potential albums destined to never see the light of day. Yet every so often, Thugger will decide to put his thinking cap on and get organizational as he did with his major-label studio debut So Much Fun last year. Die-hard fans will likely remember the brief moment of elation following Thug’s subsequent Punk reveal — it genuinely seemed like he’d be laying down back-to-back albums.

Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

Unfortunately, Punk talk has since cooled, and it’s unclear if and when Thugger is planning on coming through with another full-length solo project. Still, there have been rumblings that he’s gearing up to deliver something. Lest we forget that his girlfriend Karlae recently took to Instagram to preview an emotional Thug ballad, one that elicited a positive response across the board. Now, Thug himself has decided to preview yet another unreleased track, queuing it up in his car and hopping onto Instagram Live to vibe out. 

Captured by Our Generation Music, The track itself is relatively laid-back, yet still hard enough to constitute as the slightest of bangers. Fans of his more melodic music will likely find much to enjoy here, though it would be nice if he could provide a concrete update about his future plans. Still, these frequent snippets lead us to believe that something is coming — it’s only a matter of time before Thug lays his cards on the table.