YSL Trial Delayed While Judge Glanville Waits on Recuse Ruling

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Young Thug‘s YSL RICO trial is being indefinitely delayed indefinitely after Judge Ural Glanville ruled another judge should determine whether or not he needs to recuse himself.

YSL Trial Delayed Indefinitely

On Monday (July 1), Judge Glanville issued an order claiming another judge would rule whether or not Glanville should recuse himself from Young Thug’s ongoing YSL trial. The motion, filed by Young Thug’s attorney Brian Steel, claimed the court and prosecutors had an “unlawful, improper ex parte meeting” on June 10 after a witness named Kenneth Copeland refused to testify in the case.

“This written order is entered, I will enter the order transferring it, and until such time those two things are decided then we will be in recess until that time,” Judge Glanville ruled as Steel looked directly at him.

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Point of Contention in YSL Trial

Back in June, Brian Steel was dramatically held in contempt and briefly sent to jail after refusing to tell Judge Glanville how he heard about the aforementioned meeting between Copeland and prosecutors. Judge Ural Glanville ordered Steel to spend the next 10 weekends in the Fulton County Jail in Georgia to fulfill his sentence. The Georgia Supreme Court then ruled shortly after that Steel be granted bond.

This whole debacle revolves around Kenneth “Lil Woody” Copeland, who took the witness stand on day 87 of the trial. As an alleged YSL affiliate, prosecutors were hopeful Copeland would share details about the alleged crimes Thugga is being charged with. As a multiple-time convicted felon, Copeland began cooperating against Thug back in 2021, after he was interrogated following an arrest for possession of a firearm.

Instead, Copeland invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination after Fulton County prosecutors began their cross-examination. As a result, Judge Ural Glanville held Kenneth Copeland in contempt of court and ordered him to be taken into custody.

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Watch Judge Glanville delay the YSL trial below.

Watch Judge Glanville Rule Another Judge Should Determine Whether He Needs to Recuse Himself

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